Over the last few decades, Mane ’s Hair Thickening Spray has been hailed as the best hair thickening spray by countless customer reviews and magazine publications. 

What makes Mane the best hair thickening spray on the market? 

Despite being launched over 30 years ago (making it both the original and the best hair thickening spray), Mane ’s Hair Thickening Spray uses micro-mineral technology, which still remains the most modern hair thickening technology on the market. How does it work? The micro-mineral, hi-tech spray, bonds to existing hairs providing instant thickness and full coverage, no matter how fine or light the hairs may be. The delicate spray does not weigh down the hair but instead emulates hair fibres to give an all-over, natural-appearing, instant thickness, without tell-tale signs that a product has been used. With 12 blend-able, seamless shades to choose from, the spray easily masks any unwanted greys as well as restoring the hair to its former glory. The end result? A thick, lustrous head of hair and immediate boosted self-confidence. 

Here are just a few of our favourite testimonials: 

After getting the best hair thickening solution by Mane Hair Thickening spray I can surely say that it is a blessing for those who suffer from hair loss. As a 30-year-old male, I had lost faith in getting the genuine old look of my hair back – Fashion Beauty Blog 

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I can truly say that Mane is the best hair thickening spray around. I have a very prominent widow’s peak and it makes my hair line look full and covered in just a few minutes. – Natalie, UK 

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