The Mane Range – The Best Hair Thickening Products: 

Mane’s award-winning, hair thickening products are your way to instantly thick hair. Discover more on the best hair thickening range below: 

Mane Hair Thickening Spray: Rated by as the best hair thickening spray, with a 9.7/10 score, the Mane Hair Thickening Spray is both the original and best hair thickening spray available. It uses micro-mineral technology that instantly bonds to hairs, no matter how fine or light they may be. This lightweight spray emulates hair fibres to give instant thickness and coverage to thinning areas for your fullest locks yet. 

Mane Hair Thickening Shampoo: Voted ‘Best for volumizing’ in the Good Housekeeping Institute “Best shampoos and conditioners to combat hair loss” testing. Formulated with active ingredients to promote hair thickness, anchor the follicle and strengthen the strands, the Hair Thickening Shampoo is an affordable, effective way to thicken hair. In testing, 87% said hair had more volume and one user even said that it started to thicken severe hair thinning. 

Mane Hair Thickening Conditioner: Packed with Argan Oil to help nourish the hair shaft and richly condition the ends, the Hair Thickening Conditioner is the perfect complement to the Hair Thickening Shampoo for your newly found full hair. Its lightweight formula injects volume without the heaviness.

Mane Hair Thickening Fibres: Part of the instant thick hair family, these Hair Thickening Fibres blend with ease thanks to electro-static bonding. Less than 2mm in size, each fibre attaches naturally to the hair shaft making fine hair look fuller and thicker. A fuller head of hair and instant thickness is simply a few sprinkles away. 

Mane Seal and Control: This clever product contains special resins that bond the to the Mane Hair Thickening Spray, helping to maintain your thick hair throughout the day.This finishing touch means that the effects of the Thickening Hair Spray will even last whilst swimming, as it allows the product to withstand water, wind and perspiration.

Mane Seal and Shine: A fine spray that works to keep your instantly fuller, thick hair in place. Expect an added dose of shine as this soft spray fixes the Hair Thickening Fibres and the Hair Thickening Spray in place.