Scientifically Developed

Maintain Your Fine or Thinning Hair

with Mane ™ Hair Thickening Spray
  • Instantly thicker looking hair
  • Quick, easy, effective and used by celebrities
  • Suitable for all ages and genders

Instantly Thicker Hair 

Transform your hair in seconds with Mane ’s Thickening range
Pioneers in effective hair loss solutions 

Born in the world renowned London Harley Street, Mane ™ are the creators of the world’s original Hair Thickening Spray that has been used by countless satisfied customers for over four decades. 

The Mane Range features clever aesthetic and topical solutions for the age-old problem of hair loss. 65% of men and 60% of women have noticeable hair loss by the age of 60. Mane is proud to offer affordable, effective solutions to help instantly thicken the hair and restore confidence. 


  • LInstantly thicker hair
  • LFull coverage to thinning areas
  • LEasy to use
  • LFull range of blendable, natural colors
  • LStays put until your next shampoo
  • LPerfects your hairline
  • LCovers roots and unwanted grays
  • LAffordable, effective solution to hair loss
Mane™ Hair Thickening Spray that has been happily used by countless customers all over the globe since its launch in the late 1980’s!

Explore our range of products designed to give you thicker, fuller-looking hair. Developed specifically for thinning & fine hair.


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  • Sale! Mane hair thickener 200 ml duo pack

    Mane Hair Thickening Spray Duo Pack

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Thicken your hair or cover your roots

The perfect solution for your feminine hair  – look and feel great

Women of all ages use the Mane ™ Hair Thickener and Root Concealer to either make their fine or thinning hair look more luscious and full of body; or else they use it to cover their roots between hair dyes. The fabulous selection of 12 different shades means that there is always a colour close to your own natural hair, no matter your age.

Use the Mane Hair Care Regime for any easy 3 step solution to perfect hair – cleanse, thicken then style.